A Toddler’s Awesome Week

The past week has been pretty great for #BabyShive!

  • Monday: her dad and I were both off work and we got to spend the day together (with her sister, of course!)
  • Tuesday: her cousin hung out with us all day, and we went to the library to check out books! We also played in the back yard and went for a walk/scooter ride/bike ride around the neighborhood. 
  • Wednesday: we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and played on their playground before going to Great Wolf Lodge and having a BLAST at their water park! I went with my two girls, my mom, my niece, and my niece’s dad. (An awesome friend of mine hooked us up with some extra passes!) That day was preeeeeetty great. 
  • Saturday: we went to my dad’s company’s summer picnic, and that happened to be at the Ft. Worth Zoo splash pad. It was an after-hours party, so we had the whole splash park to our limited group. So fun!!
  • Today: we went to Bagel House (that’s what my daughter calls Einstein Bros. Bagels, lol) and then got to go swimming at my parents’ house. 

Overall, I think she had a pretty awesome week. #SmallShive got to do all the same things and enjoyed herself as well, but she’s one, so she doesn’t talk about it with me. ☺️ 

I don’t think our remaining weeks of Summer Break will be nearly as adventurous, but it was probably my most exciting first week of Summer Break ever! Tomorrow, my big plan is… hit up a park? Maybe?

Happy Sunday night, y’all!


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