Cold as Ice

Omg. I know I just posted fewer than 15 minutes ago, but I am SHOCKED. 

I put ice in this cup LAST NIGHT, and there’s still ice in it RIGHT NOW. I’m talking almost exactly twenty-four (24!) hours of ice retention. 😲😲😲

We (#ManShive and I) bought a two-pack of these Reduce brand cups from Costco, and I am continuously impressed! My almost-three-year-old (what? how? that’s another post!) knocked it over, and the lid stayed sealed and didn’t spill a drop (though it would have spilled had there been more water–the water within didn’t reach the straw hole). My drink is always super cold. The straw is hard plastic and not that flimsy plastic stuff. 

My only problem: it’s plain! I don’t know what design to put on it. A monogram? My name? A funny or witty saying? A cute flower? A fun animal? Nothing at all? There are so many options! If you have some inspiration for me, I’m all ears! (Or eyes, I guess, since this is a blog and not a radio show. 😜)


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