#SummerBreak = #SummerMake

As a teacher, I’m on Summer Break, and I’m using this time to make things, so I’m on Summer Make. (Haha. I am so clever. Ha.)

Anyway. A while ago I went to Waco and visited Magnolia Market. I found an awesome vase thing (they call it a multi-tube rack) and bought it immediately. What I didn’t do immediately, though, was know what to put in it. In April, my wonderful #ManShive bought flowers for my birthday, and I pulled a few of the smaller flowers and put them in this vase thing. After the flowers expired, though, the vase thing sat empty.

Until now!

Aren’t those lovely?! I made those flowers–with paper and wire and hot glue! And my Silhouette, of course. Ain’t nobody got time to cut those petals by hand!


I used the free template I found here and the directions I found here (which the template-maker suggested). Super easy, super quick, super cute. That’s my kind of super.


Fajita Spice – doesn’t everyone remember to take the picture when they’re sitting at a stop light??



In a different project, I also made a label for my mom’s spice jar.

I’d already made her labels for her bigger canisters, but she had this shaker of Fajita Seasoning that needed a label. “Fajita Seasoning” is too long for such a small space, so I changed it to “Fajita Spice,” and voila: a labeled jar to match her labeled canisters.



And finally, in between labeling and gluing, I found time to make a perfect summer dessert: strawberry pie.

It has so few ingredients (four!) and is so easy to make. I’m sure other people slice their strawberries and arrange them in a stunning way, but I don’t mess around with that: just dump those strawberries in! I did make some whipped cream to serve with the pie, too, but there aren’t any pictures of that.

As you can see, it’s been a good couple of days for making things! What are you making?


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