Nerd Water

I figured out what to do with my stainless steel cup! I posted about that cup a little while ago boasting about how amazingly cold it keeps my water, but I didn’t know how to personalize it.

I’ve been thinking of cute and clever and funny and all kinds of things to put on there, but I’ve finally decided the best thing is to showcase my love of reading, nerdom, and Harry Potter.

Can you tell what it says?

In Harry Potter, there’s a specific spell to summon water. Since I’ll exclusively use this cup for water, labeling it as water seems PERFECT. And labeling it as water while showcasing my love for HP? EVEN PERFECT-ER!

RIGHT!? So awesome.

Obviously, I used my Silhouette Cameo 2 to cut the vinyl. The font is called Harry P, and I got it from Huzzah!

Happy making,


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