Happy Birthday, #BabyShive

My big girl is three now! Today we had her birthday party, and I think she and the guests had a good time! I didn’t do much in the line of decorating because it was a pool party, and it was kind of nice to not worry about decorations!

We had a family party on her actual birthday, and #BabyShive got to help decorate that cake:


She said she wanted a grape cake (what? gross!), but she settled for purple frosting on a white cake instead. Thank goodness.

Today’s party had cute cupcakes, but they didn’t reach my vision:


These were a butter cake with home-made buttercream frosting–definitely not health food. The “beach” is just crushed up graham crackers, and the “towel” is sour candy.

I made personalized water bottles for all the kids, and I think those worked out pretty well, and they were super easy:img_1665.jpg

Aside from some crepe paper streamers and leis for the guests, that was really all there was to it. Simple and sweet and swimming. Huzzah!

Happy Saturday!


If you came today or sent well-wishes, thank you! #BabyShive said she had a great time and was “so so happy to SWIM!”


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